Flashback: Westward Bound 2011

Flashback: Westward Bound 2011 Here are tons of pictures in a Flickr Slideshow from my month long trip in 2011 to Yellowstone National Park and tons of places along the way. I’ve had these pictures sitting around on my hard drive for almost 4 years now. Since I... read more

My First Time Skiing – Caberfae Peaks

My First Time Skiing – Caberfae Peaks This video is an entire day’s worth of video crammed into 14 minutes but it’s pretty entertaining, funny and worth watching . You gotta see the end lol Caberfae Peaks Ski and Golf Resort is a downhill ski area... read more

Joe Gee Photography on FOX 17

Joe Gee Photography on FOX 17 “We see it almost every year, but sometimes worse than others…especially following an Arctic blast. Our beautiful Lake Michigan shoreline crusted and encapsulated in ice. We literally receive hundreds of photos from locals, amateur,... read more

Grand Haven Photo Walk

Grand Haven Photo Walk I went on a photo walk in Grand Haven with 5 other photographers from the Muskegon area. We met at the Dee-Lite Bar and Grill and ate some breakfast while talking about camera stuff. We walked up and down Washington Avenue and took some random... read more

Muskegon Lighthouse Covered in Ice

Muskegon Lighthouse Covered in Ice Me and a photographer friend (Jerry James) took a walk out to the Muskegon Lighthouse today. It took us awhile to get out there, the ice was very slippery in some spots. We had a lot of fun. Check out the pictures and video below... read more

Lake Michigan Winter Waves

Lake Michigan Winter Waves I went down to the beach to take some pictures today. Now that the storm has passed and the snow has stopped blowing around causing whiteouts, i figured it was safe to venture out towards the beach. It was very cold out and the wind was... read more