Blessing of the Boats 2014

Sunday, May 25:  Memorial Weekend Blessing of the Boats Events Muskegon Boat Season Kick-off

Summer is here and you’re invited to the exciting yearly celebration of the beginning of boating season.  Head to the Muskegon Channel Area for a full day of commemoration, boating, beaches and great scenery.  Events include:

  • Lost Boat Ceremony – (USS Silversides Museum) 10:00am
  • Channel Lighthouse Walk. 12pm
  • Port City Princess leaves dock – (Mart Dock) 12:30pm
  • Washing of the Lighthouse – (Muskegon South Pier) 12:45pm
  • Gathering of the Fleet – (South Breakwater Cove)  1:15pm
  • Parade of Boats – 1:30pm (Muskegon Channel)
  • Blessing of the Boats – Port City Princess 1:45pm  (Muskegon Lake)
  • Dockers Fish House Funday Sunday 2-7pm  Great music, food and fun!
  • Lake Express Welcome 4pm.  Channel Walkway.

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Blessing of the Boats 2013

More than 60 boats were blessed by Rev. Tom Scott, pastor of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Muskegon, who stood on the deck of the Port City Princess — Muskegon’s dinner and sunset cruise ship that operates out of the Mart Dock in downtown Muskegon — in ceremonial robes and threw holy water on passing boats.

The blessing followed the annual parade of boats that included everything from pontoon boats to speed boats. Children waved excitedly from the pier and counted the number of boaters who waved back.

The parade also included three Muskegon County Sheriff’s boats and the Laurentian, a research vessel for the Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory.

As the boats paraded by, a man spoke via a loud speaker to warn the crowd to “watch your ears” before the Laurentian blew its horn.

Read more on Mlive at:  Blessing of the Boats

Blessing of the Boats Pictures

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