Injured Raccoon Rescue

Jenna and I were driving down towards the Muskegon State Park to see if we could get some Fall color pictures.

Fall Color Detour

While driving down Ruddiman Drive, something was walking really slow towards the center of the road. We got closer and noticed it was a fluffy Raccoon that really needed our help. We pulled over and put our hazards on. Jenna grabbed some towels out of the back seat and we used the towel to kinda guide him off the road before he got hit.


First Impression

We weren’t really sure what happened to him. He seemed to be walking ok, just very slow. We thought he might be sick or got hit by a car. We got him up on the grass and he started digging and looking for acorns to munch on. He seemed to be only eating on one side of his mouth and had a little blood underneath his chin.

He wasn’t bothered by our presence and was pretty friendly even when we were shoving a towel in his face and trying to get him off the road.

Of course, I had to take a few pictures of this cute guy 🙂





Called for some help

As many of you probably know, I found and helped rescue an injured Raptor 2 weeks ago with a new friend named Melanie Stevens that loves to help animals. So not knowing what else to do or who to contact, I called her to come help us get him the help he needs 🙂

She showed up about 20 minutes later with a crate and a banana for him to munch on.

Jenna took a few pictures of us while we were putting him in the cage 🙂




Quick Diagnosis

Melanie believes he was struck by a  car at some point that day, probably earlier in the morning. Since it’s Sunday, she’s going to keep him overnight and bring him somewhere to get some treatment tomorrow. She thinks he will make a full recovery 🙂

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