Kumba! Roller Coaster 1080p 60 FPS POV

Enjoy this first person view of the Kumba Roller Coaster! This was recorded with my GoPro HERO4 Black Edition in full 1080p at 60FPS (Frames per second). Make sure you watch in HD 🙂

Kumba Facts

Length: 3978′
Height: 143′
Drop: 135′
Inversions: 7
Speed: 60 mph
Duration: 1:53

Kumba is a sit down roller coaster with a top speed of 60 MPH located at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, in Tampa, Florida. Kumba is one of the first in a line of multi-inversion coasters (that is, those having six or more inversions) built by B&M, and featured B&M’s first ever diving loop and interlocking corkscrews. It has seven inversions which, in order, are:
1) A 114-foot-tall (35 m) vertical loop, which wraps around the lift hill
2) B&M’s first-ever diving loop
3) Zero-G roll
4) Cobra roll (two inversions that go over the Congo River Rapids bridge)
5) 2 Interlocking corkscrews (also a first for B&M) immediately after the midcourse block brake

“Kumba” means “Roar” in the African Kongo Language. The coaster itself mimics this definition with a distinctive roar that the train produces as it traverses the track. It is not known if this was a design feature or an incidental though appropriate aspect of the ride. Most likely, the cause of this roar is due to the track design. Similar to other Bolliger & Mabillard roller coasters, the track contains a hollow spine and rails, which are known to produce a roaring sound.

Make sure to watch in HD 1080p60!

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