Muskegon Winter Photo Walk

I wanted to get a group of people together to walk around and take some pictures, so I planned a lunch and photo walk event on Facebook last week. 20 people said they were “going” and another 66 people said they were “interested” in going. At the time, the weather forecast was saying it would be mostly sunny but today there was a 90% chance of rain. I wasn’t sure how many people were actually going to show up because of the gloomy/rainy weather… but to my surprise, 20 people showed up 🙂 We had a great breakfast/lunch at the Cherokee Restaurant and met down at Pere Marquette Beach to go for a walk. We lost a few people here and there but 11 of us ended up walking all the way out to the lighthouse. It was sprinkling the whole way out there but it wasn’t too bad. By the time we got back to our vehicles, we were all pretty soaked lol.

I’d like to thank everyone for coming to hang out considering the bad weather. I had a lot of fun and we’ll plan another photo walk in the Spring when the weather is nicer and we have some more interesting things to photograph.

Here are some pictures from today’s event.

If you’re interested in seeing what everyone else captured, take a look at the photo walk event page. More pictures should be added by everyone soon 🙂

Photo Walk Pictures

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